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About Journal

About the journal :

‘uniresearch’ is peer-reviewed, indexed and refereed e-journal and is designed for quality of research. It is an International Multidisciplinary Research Journal. It has been published by monthly including four languages i.e. English, Hindi, Marathi & Urdu .

An Online Open Access e-Journal:

‘uniresearch’ provides open access facility in all over the globe. We believe it provides global exchange of knowledge. It is total free to access. We think, it will be benefited both the author / researchers & reader.

Peer Review Process:

We follow a strict double-blind reviewing of the submitted works. If any submitted article fails to fulfill primary standards, it will be rejected and the author will be communicated regarding that. If the editors are satisfied, they will select two or more reviewers to examine the articles. The editors may advise the author to revise the article for publication. Uniresearch is a refereed and registered journal. Editorial and Advisory Board's decision on a typescript will be conveyed within maximum 15-20 days from the date of receipt. All contributions submitted for publication are critically reviewed by editorial board to ensure constant high quality of the journal.

Aims & Objectives:

1. To promote and publish high quality research papers.
2. To provide double blind review process & fast publication service.
3. To stimulate innovative, creative ideas of researchers.
4. To provide open access knowledge to society.
5. To create healthy humanistic atmosphere in the world by research.
6. To provide global identity for researchers.

Motto :

Think Global – Become Global